2020 Event Recap

The UCLA Real Estate Alumni Group  (REAG) and Stanford Professionals in Real Estate (SPIRE) came together on January 15th for a friendly mixer at UCLA Anderson.  There were over 60 alumni in attendance with several members supporting both groups.  Wayne Brandt, Board Member for the Ziman Center and serves on the Board of Director for SPIRE kicked off the session with an introduction of the Ziman Center, UCLA REAG, and SPIRE leadership. After a long period of networking, the attendees made their way together to Pauley Pavilion. Unfortunately, our Bruins did not get the result they wanted, but our alumni group made a great partnership that evening.

UCLA REAG hosted Bill Witte, CEO of Related California for its second annual Speaker Series.  The session was moderated by Daniel Dokhanian from The Mullholland Drive Company and UCLA REAG Board member. Bill Discussed his background as well as his past and current development projects in California to an audience of over 170 guests.   Before the session Bill met with UCLA REAG's Endowment Circle for a private networking session.

Hear from our UCLA Anderson Forecast team and Stanley Iezman on their views on the effects of COVID-19 on Real Estate and the Macroeconomy.
Tom Barrack, Founder and CEO of Colony Capital gives his views on the markets during COVID-19.  The session was moderated by Eric Sussman, Founder of Clear Capital and Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson.  The session was made possible due to the efforts of Colony Capital, Inc., George Smith Partners, and the UCLA Real Estate Alumni Group.

Allison S. Weiss, Founder of CRE Recruiting provided her insights for landing a job in commercial real estate.  She provided best practices and multiple resources for those looking for employment and for those looking for new opportunities.

Karla MacCary, Partner at Nossaman LLP provided REAG members insight into contractual obligations and the legal precedents firms my be citing to help amend their obligations during COVID-19.

In this session, Eric Sussman Co-Founder of Clarity Capital and Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson gives us insight into what has been going on in the industry, balancing his background as an academic and as a practitioner.

Victor Coleman, CEO and Chairman of Hudson Pacific Properties joined REAG for a discussion on how Hudson Pacific Properties' office and studio spaces are managing during COVID-19.

Tom McCarthy, Co-President of McCarthy, Cook & Co. provided REAG members an insights into two of their most recent projects and explained how the company started and continues to do business.  Tom also address how he and his company is doing its best to tackle the social issues that are plaguing the United States currently.

Stewart Resnick, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Wonderful Company joined UCLA REAG to talk about his journey to success and owning several large properties within California.

Jeffrey Prang, LA County Assessor and his team joined our Bruin Professionals and REAG Session to enlighten members about their roles and the process of assessing properties in today's environment.  Jeffrey highlights ballot items of interest before handing it off to his team members to answer questions.

Stanley Iezman, Chairman and CEO of American Realty Advisors joined us on 10/8 to discuss his background and answer members' questions.

Peter Linneman, Principal and Founder of Linneman Associates enlightened REAG members about his career path that led him to found Linneman Associates.  He also took the time to give us his insights about the trends we are seeing in the industry.