Meet Us

The UCLA Real Estate Alumni Group membership is composed of three main groups: Board Members, the Endowment Circle, and Standard Members.

  • Board Members - Board Members are responsible for organizing the events for the organization and ensuring the REAG Mission is fulfilled. Board Members must be current members before applying for a leadership position.
  • Endowment Circle - The Endowment Circle is an exclusive group of REAG Members who assist in the creation of REAG's Endowment Fund.  Their goal is to endow $2,000,000 which will help support REAG's goals and mission.
  • Standard Members - Our membership is comprised of alumni programs throughout UCLA, including the undergraduate program, Anderson, and the Law School spanning over six decades of alumni. A majority of REAG Members are located in Los Angeles, but the group has reaches in Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and New York.


Our members are located in diverse markets around the country. The largest REAG chapters are located in Los Angeles and Orange County.